Questions and Answers
Question: Aside from the experience you have had over the years touring in the music industry, performing in club venues, and the cruise ship industry, you and your bands also do a lot of private engagements, what type of band configurations do you perform with?
Michael Lalonde: We can perform in duo, trio, quartet, or quintet formats depending on the needs of the event really. For instance, if we are playing a dinner club somewhere in the GTA, or a reception for a private party or gathering, a trio or even a duo is often the best group format.   
Question: What instrumentation do you use when performing?
Michael Lalonde It is extremely important, for us as performers as well as for any audience, to ensure the music sounds complete. Obviously, that's most challenging when performing in small groups. We have worked in duo and trios so often that it is quite natural to us. In a duo, I will always have a chordal instrument like guitar or piano on the gig. Of course, I always play Bass and Sing..... so because even when we are only performing as a duo ..... say Jazz Guitar or Piano, and myself on Bass and Vocals, ..... it's the same as having a trio because I cover two roles in the music. In a trio, we would then add a Tenor Saxophone or a great drummer depending on what is needed for the particular musical setting and so on. I love the intimacy of small groups as much as I love performing with the energy of bigger bands.
Question: Can you describe your experience in music?
Michael Lalonde: I once looked back at how many gigs I had done over the years. The number came up to somewhere over 1200. I have spent a lot of time as a sideman on Bass Guitar and Upright Acoustic Bass playing in Jazz and Rock groups as well. I spent years as a Musical Director / Band Leader working for various Cruise Lines as a Vocalist and Bassist as well as Paramount Pictures show services division.  
Question: How did you get started in music?
Michael Lalonde I picked up an acoustic guitar that my older brother had ordered from a catalogue for the first time when I was about 13 years old. I learned some guitar chords from him and was listening to a lot of rock music. When I went to high school, the school's music teacher saw that I had some genuine interest in learning music when I was 14 years old. I was lucky in the sense that he introduced to electric Bass. I picked it up and started to teach myself how to play by ear, listening and trying to play along with rock music on my cassette tapes in my bedroom. I was really lucky that the high school music teacher took a liking to me and allowed me to play Bass and bring it home with me every night because I did not own one at the time. I practiced an awful lot and became very interested in other music styles and began singing a lot and learned upright bass as well. I believe I had my first paying gig in a bar when I was 16 years old. 

Question: Did you study music formally?                                 
Michael Lalonde: Yes, I studied music at York University in Toronto. I specialized in Jazz performance there. However, I learned the most by performing and working professionally.
Question: Do your groups play instrumental music as well?
Michael Lalonde: Yes we do and often at the same event. For instance, we might do quiet instrumental music for a wedding reception and later do music with voice over dinner and dancing. These musicians really are amongst the very best in the Greater Toronto Area. 
Question: Who are some of the Entertainers and Musicians that you have performed with over the years?
Michael Lalonde: When I was touring on Cruise Lines, I did perform with some real celebrities like Micky Dolenz of The Monkees, Danielle Dorice, Coco Taylor, Gene Ferrari and Brad Lake to name a few. I have also performed and worked with many Toronto area musicians ....... Jake Langley, Bryan O'Kane, Sean Bray, Perry White, Barry Romberg, Dylan Bell, Brian Rudolph, Ben Riley, Chris Robinson, Bob Brough amongst many others.